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Welcome, dear customer! If you want to visit our site and you are already registered push here otherwise do the registration now. The products you will find in this short review are only a small example of our production: they are all made to measure and also according to the client’s plan.
Our firm distinguishes two kinds of creation: the first made using wood, whose products are windows, doors, front doors, classical and in style furniture.
This collection is exclusively achieved with ingot wood that can be worked following different engineering: the ageing, the brushing, the shellac finishing and then using natural bee-wax, plastering, the spatula method and an exclusive decoration on each piece.
The rooms furnished with our frames revoke peculiar atmospheres and symbolize extreme grace and sensibility; they express a real desire of going back to the past and to that civilization which is rich of old traditions, warm and involving, typical of our regions. The tradition of the hand-made frame, that reminds the welcome and the warmth of our grandparents’ houses, happens again and joins our firm’s skill that devotes itself with passion to the creation of these works.
The PVC fixtures are realized in another factory. Our products (windows, shutters, front doors and doors) are the result of using modern techniques and materials that lead to the construction of technically up-to-date fixtures equipped with all the certifications in force in this sector.
Mostly the doors can be created both in stiff or in expanded PVC.
The wide gamma of fixtures is at the customer’s complete disposal in various colours and noble woods.
Our production is in perfect tune with every environment, thanks to the wide typology of solutions.
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